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High Vantage Roof Coatings Company: Arlington, TX’s Top Choice

In Arlington, TX, your roof is more than just protection—it’s a statement of your business’s dedication to excellence. With our region’s challenging weather, it’s essential to be prepared. That’s where High Vantage Roof Coatings shines as Arlington’s leading coating company. We specialize in transforming commercial roofs, focusing on durability and style.

Our array of services includes Flat Roof Coating Installation: Extend your flat roof’s life with our protective coatings, designed to withstand severe weather and reduce maintenance.

Commercial Roof Repair: Combat the wear and tear of time and weather. If your roof shows signs of damage, our repair services will rejuvenate it, avoiding the cost of a full replacement.

Metal Roof Coating Installation, Enhance your metal roofs with our specialized coatings. They boost longevity, resist environmental elements, and add an attractive sheen.

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Hire Professionals

High Vantage Roof Coatings is more than just a service provider in Arlington, TX; we are a symbol of quality and dedication. We invite local businesses to experience our services, offering free, no-obligation estimates. 

Our Main Services:

Discover why we’re unmatched in the Arlington roofing scene with our track record of superior workmanship and customer satisfaction. We’re confident you’ll be impressed. Reach out to us today to begin.


Choose Excellence

High Vantage Roof Coatings stands as Arlington, TX’s reliable guardian of commercial roofing. Explore our unique services tailored to your business needs.

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